Current and Recent Federally-Funded Grant Proposals

PI: Mark Warschauer

(Co-PIs listed in alphabetical order)

2021-2026, National Science Foundation, Developing Conversational Videos to Support Children’s STEM Learning and Engagement ($3,000,000); PI: Mark Warschauer Co-PIs: Andres Bustamante, Abby Jenkins, Silvia Lovato, Ying Xu  [proposal] [website]

2019-2024: US Department of Education, Education Innovation and Research, Improving Pedagogy to Accelerate Computational Thinking, ($4,000,000); PI: Mark Warschauer; Co-PIs: Diana Franklin, Debra Richardson [proposal] [website]

2019-2022: National Science Foundation, Collaborative Network of grades 3-5 Educators for Computational Thinking for English Learners ($1,000,000); PI: Mark Warschauer; Co-PIs: Bianca Barquin, Debra Richardson [proposal] [website]

2019-2021: National Science Foundation, Using Conversational Agents to Foster Preschool Children’s Learning and Engagement from Interactive Science Videos ($300,000); PI: Mark Warschauer; Co-PIs: Andres Bustamante, Sara DeWitt, Abby Jenkins [proposal] [website]

2015-2021: National Science Foundation, Investigating Virtual Learning Environments ($2,500,000); PI: Mark Warschauer; Co-PIs: Teomara Rutherford, Padhraic Smyth, Di Xu [proposal] [website]

2015-2020: Institute for Education Sciences, Digital Scaffolding for English Language Arts ($3,500,000); PI: Mark Warschauer; Co-PIs: Penelope Collins, George Farkas   [proposal] [website]